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We have a fascinating vision. 2010. An ocean cruise liner is sailing roundtrip on the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea cruise with more than five thousand people on board. 5,500 free modern open-minded people, happy and independent, with a certain vision of the future world free of injustice. They all wear costumes of various epochs and styles though it’s not a masquerade. The unusual passengers are the guests and the participants of the IIIrd Children and Youth Mass Media Festival –businessmen, poets, artists - children and adults from around the world armed by cameras, united by one and the same desire to improve the world and make it better place for living. They are all people of vision of what the world should be.

The floating palace and the IIIrd International Children and Youth Mass Media Festival become a welcoming home for the people of good will (possessing various talents). The participants and the guests from many countries share their views, ideas, talents and skills and the results of their creative work on board the ship and at great fairs organized in each port they visit, where new friends meet, exchange addresses, make invitations, and advantageous deals and beneficial cultural exchange. Somebody may even find his love on this wonderful cruise fair with it’s new acquaintances and sad farewells promising future reunion.

This sailing town with its festive holiday and friendly atmosphere of creative activities and unforgettable meetings is a momentous chance not only for its guests, but also for the people of the Asian and European port towns the ship will visit to get closer to each other. The Festival sends around a cultural and artistic message of peace which should help people get rid of destructive prejudices. This message is a call for inner personal freedom poets, philosophers and prophets have dreamed about for ages. We hope that all the participants will gain this freedom through the exciting multinational and multilingual multivisual multimedia game with its multiple forms and tasks providing a multitude of opportunities and chances to widen the horizons.

Turning our fabulous vision into a practical reality is a challenge we are ready to face with great belief and determination.


Festival Programme
  • Children and Youth Studios Film, TV Show and Radio Broadcasting contest.

  • Youth production Photographed Catalogue, Magazine and Newspaper contest.

  • Meetings with film, television and festival producers, cinema and television stars and other celebrities - Antonio Banderas, Nicole Kidman, Nicholas Cage and many others.

  • Master classes, seminars, round table discussions, press conferences, presentations of radio and TV multimedia and Internet Projects.

  • Exhibitions, art contests, photo-exhibitions.

  • Entertainment Programme – conserts and shows.


List of Nominations in the Festival's Video Works Contest:
  1. Best Film / programme about Civil and Human Rights.

  2. Best Popular Science Film / Programme.

  3. Best Documentary.

  4. Best Film / Programme about Patriotism, Struggle for peace and International Relations.

  5. Best Entertainment and Musical Talk Show / Programme.

  6. Best TV Magazine.

  7. Best Original TV Film and Serial.

  8. Best TV Film / Programme Portraiting a Profound Person.

  9. Best Educational Film / TV Programmme.

  10. Best Musical Video Clip.

  11. Best Computer Animated Graphics.

  12. Best Socially Oriented Commercial.

  13. Best Historical Film/ Programme about historical personalities, hometowns, countries.
  14. Best Family Film / Programme.

  15. Best Film / Programme about different Religions, their history and about prominent personalities.

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